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Mujer en sala de realidad virtual

Team Building

Virtual Experiences.

Digital and virtual solutions for the re-evolution of events.

We have and collaborate in unique technological solutions applied to the world of events, to bring to digital and online format any proposal for a campaign, marketing, advertising or event in a totally remote or hybrid format.

We have adapted our offer to digital events with high added value, such as gameplays in which companies and users feel like they are in a corporate video game, in addition to carrying out actions with the latest technologies such as mapping, holograms, robotics, digital sets and virtual recreations.

Virtual gameplay.

Your story made into a video game

Hyper-realistic simulations of group dynamics, events and virtual experiences in which, through first-person gameplay, the guest can gain knowledge as in a real event.


We use it to: Create corporate games, recreate realistic fairs, Team Building with graphic adventure, virtual celebrations...

Hybrid formats.

We mix the real event with technological solutions for its retransmission to any part of the world.

The event takes place on a set and from it the different sets on which the event will be based are created. On the set at the same time, there may be an audience and we will also have a presenter to keep the tempo of the event.


We use it for: Product presentations, shareholder meetings and presentations, motivational talks, symposiums, internal corporate communications...

Corporate digital gamification.

Digital dynamics to promote team integration and gamification with a high degree of engagement. Products and solutions designed to get "hooked"; easy to use, simple and with a point of fun and collaborative work.

We use it to: Activate and motivate employees in online meetings, improve digital projects, boost virtual meetings, corporate digital learning, group training activities...

Immersive Virtual Fairs.

Integral digital platform created for the simulation of events. Tailor-made virtual experiences to allow the recreation of a virtual world simulating life and situations that can occur within a real event.


Through personalized scenarios created digitally, the user will enter directly into the world of the event. In it, you will be able to discover and connect with other guests as well as being able to experience and interact with many other facets that can take place within the event, such as conferences, discussion tables, product showroom, card exchange and many more actions.

We use it for: Virtual and digital fairs, online events with interaction, interactive webinars, interactive product presentations...


(Communication Director)

"We worked with Marca Condal to celebrate the graduations of the 2020 and 2021 promotions. Their involvement, adaptability and collaborative spirit are worth noting. Communication with them was very fluid and they knew how to understand our needs. They have great professionals, who get involved with the project and make it their own to ensure success"

In real facts.

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