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Charlas motivacionales para empresa

Corporate Meetings 

Conferences that inspire.

Descubre las mejores charlas para motivar a tu equipo dentro de la empresa y aumentar los resultados. 

Stories that inspire life and enhance your event

There is nothing like a story to inspire your event.

At Marca Condal we take care of hiring speakers for events, as well as inspirational and motivating talks for company conventions.

The message that can change the direction of your company.

Adapting each of the presentations and talks to the needs and objectives of the company is the objective.

Cause impact to generate actions. 

Charla Alex Roca para Empresas

Many stories left
to live.

Stay hungry for new projects, new experiences and ways of living them.

It is our gasoline.  

If you need more inspiration, see how we have empowered the events of hundreds of brands through emotions.  

Charla de Alex Roca para empresas
Alex Roca Conferencias de Empresa
Alex Roca Campillo charlas para empresas

The keys to a successful event.



it's gold

The experience
it is a degree.

An event
it doesn't happen twice.

It is estimated that the average time spent organizing an event with all its details and phases is 180 hours. Our mission is to free up as much of that time as possible for our clients' HR and Marketing departments.

There are more than 200 events behind us and we have learned in each one of them. We bring that experience to your projects so that it shows in the final result.

There is only one chance for a first impression. We ensure that this opportunity is used to the maximum within the event. We combine effectiveness and creativity to bring ideas to life.

VSP05870- Into Wild Fest.jpg

it is an attitude.

Knowing the sector and how it works is essential to control each process within the production of any event. News, permissions, providers, protocols and trends are just some of the data we control, the rest is... Magic!


The difference

it's in the details.

The difference between a good job and an excellent job is the detail. We have been taking care of them for our clients for more than 10 years. The good decisions in the production will mark the way in the direct.


The trust
It's the key.

The relationship with our clients is essential. Feeling supported by us at every moment of the organization is vital to enjoy the way of the event and also savor its success.

Our mission:
Be the differential point.

Talks and presentations for companies: EAmong our speakers, we have professionals from the economy, culture, sports, medicine and performing arts who can carry out motivational talks, presentations on motivation and leadership, conferences on new technologies, on self-improvement.

We also have coaching professionals to motivate employees or add value to your company event in any situation.

Like we did with them.